How DevOps and Managed Service Providers can work Together?

DevOps and the adoption of Managed Service Providers based operations from Indian Companies are seen as the growing trends in the IT industry today. These are also the trends that contradict each other in some key aspects. Have a look at how Managed Services Companies in India and  DevOps are related to each other.

For a basic understanding MSP’s or managed service providers, are companies that provide IT services on a contract basis. Hiring a Managed Services Company in India is a solution for organizations that want to outsource a part or all of their IT needs. So the organizations can completely avoid maintaining ITstaff in-house or in turn, reduce the number of their IT staff.

DevOps is an approach to software delivery where developers and IT operations participate together in the entire service lifecycle to shorten the systems development life cycle.

DevOps and Managed Services companies in India are both on the rise. The Managed Services Companies in India is growing by about 12.5% annually, while DevOps is growing at a rate of around 18.6%.

The common challenge

The markets encompassing MSPs and DevOps are both growing. But that’s not because they feed each other. On the contrary, usually, MSPs and DevOps are at odds.

Think, it’s simple. The more a company outsources IT operations to Managed Services Companies in India, the less it can adopt DevOps. The reason being, when IT operations are outsourced, companies lose control over the culture and process surrounding IT. Customers do not typically insist on their Managed Services Companies in India which culture, tools, or processes to use. As a result, it’s not possible for companies with a heavy reliance on MSPs to “do DevOps.”

To put it another way: You can’t embrace DevOps if you have no IT Ops department because you outsource IT operations to an MSP. Likewise, if you maintain some IT staff but rely on MSPs to provide IT services that your employees can’t deliver, you can only embrace DevOps insofar as your in-house IT staff can support it.

How to implement DevOps friendly MSPs? 

Generally, people have a perception that outsourcing IT operations to Managed Services Companies in India means surrendering control over your IT culture. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use MSPs and practice DevOps at the same time. There are numerous Managed Services Companies in India which embrace DevOps-friendly Managed Services. If your organization is into DevOps as well as the MSP model, you simply need to find a Managed Services company in India that works within the DevOps culture.

It is obvious, DevOps is more complicated when some or all of your IT operations are managed by a third-party provider. It’s even difficult to obtain the level of seamless communication and continuous feedback that DevOps demands when not all of your IT employees are in-house.

But this is easily possible if you can find a Managed Service Provider in India who is committed to transparent communication, share data and collaborate with client teams in IT planning. Usually, the glitch happens when the companies that deliver managed IT services and operations as a sort of “black box,” without involving the client organization in any of its operations.

Practicing DevOps-friendly managed IT services requires more work and planning on the part of Managed Services companies. Likewise also demands active participation from the client team as well. But this is easily achievable. And this is definitely an approach that any company will need to embrace in this period of time where DevOps and MSPs are considered as an essential practice within the IT industry.


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