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DevOps For Small Organizations

First Things First

The answer is yes since DevOps is a workflow instead of technology or tool, all an organization need is the mindset required for the change. So, the next question is how many employees translates to a small organization. If there is a single person organization, that person will give for example equal importance to both feedback and production metrics. As this number increases, the importance to each the production and feedback go into opposite directions. While developers do their best with respect to development, the management team tries the lift up the overall standards of the production with keeping in the mind the feedback of the clients.

The Middle Ground

The yes in the previous paragraph was not a blanket statement, beyond a “yes” there also lies a caveat that it also depends upon the type of organization as well. Some type of organizations can have more success with implementing DevOps. For example, a functional organization will have a tough time implementing DevOps, due to the number of projects within that company. Application developers and product developers will have completely different endgames. The developers will be skilled in their own domain only and so will be the management team as well. Even when DevOps is implemented in such an organization, DevOps will be effective in within silos only.

The Higher Ground

The best place to implement DevOps, especially in case of startups is in product based companies.  There are silos but they are in tune with the end game, different silos have a singular goal. The developers all work together for the same goal, the main reason for the success of implementing DevOps in this type of organization is the fact of similar expertise across employees. DevOps simply doesn’t work in multiple remote location organizations or customer focused organizations as well. The first is due to the fact that different regions become a silo in themselves and in the case of the latter every customer service becomes a silo in itself.

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