is kubernetes a cloud native operating system

Is Kubernetes a cloud-native operating system?

Kubernetes consulting companies have seen that software development has changed as the speed for software delivery is of great importance. It is true in the case of traditional apps and SaaS-based applications. The era is dedicated to cloud-native applications. The increasing popularity of microservices has changed the way deployment and software development.

Kubernetes consulting enables two things for Google as well as any other companies

  • It abstracts the underlying infrastructure
  • It is pretty easy to move applications on cloud and off cloud

Like any other cloud-native project, it is written in Golang programming language and is a favorite cloud-native technology in the world.  Its name Kubernetes has origin in Greek meaning Helmsman – the person who steers a seafaring ship. It is an open-source orchestrator for deploying containerized applications. It is used in the public cloud for creating, deploying, and managing distributed applications. 

Kubernetes was created by Google and donated as an open-source project in 2014 to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. These applications come in many different shapes and sizes, but ultimately, they all comprise one or more and more services that run on individual machines. 

Many companies employ Kubernetes consulting as a platform for deploying their applications. There are two kinds of companies:

  • Saas Provider using an on-premise server

Here, applications are delivered as a SaaS product like traditional three-tier applications and brand-new containerized applications. These companies make use of Kubernetes consulting and are run in a private cloud or public cloud. And all these services are accessed through a web portal. 

In short, SaaS providers are familiar with Kubernetes in their backend and they can now use it for operating their on-premise servers. 

  • Traditional software vendors going cloud

Traditional software vendors begin to use the cloud for their operations and turn to Kubernetes and containers to modernize their offerings. It allows them to develop applications as a SaaS product and local installation. 

Kubernetes: An operating system

Kubernetes is a platform for deploying applications along with this it is seen as an operating system for cloud-native applications. The reason is it has everything for running a cloud-native application. 

  • Infinite scalability
  • Upgrade opportunities
  • Portability
  • Discovery
  • High availability

In essence, using Kubernetes as an OS is an intelligent decision which you can make analyzing your business requirements for your SaaS and Cloud applications. No matter, where your application running, Kubernetes ensure it is deployed and operated in the way it intended to be. 

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