Kubernetes is one of the best tools currently available for orchestration of containers There’s no doubt in that. Even though there is docker that does the same job as Kubernetes, Kubernetes is more popular and demanded due to its advantages. To know why Kubernetes is preferred over docker, refer to this. One advantage of kubernetes is that it enables to run locally on a portable machine like a laptop by using Minikube.

What is Minikube?

Minikube is an open source tool that enables to run Kubernetes locally on a laptop or other local machines. It works well with Linux, Mac, and the Windows operating systems. What Minikube does is that it runs a single-node cluster inside a virtual machine on the local machine. The biggest advantage of minikube is that it allows different options such as testing or experimenting for IT developers and DevOps engineers on a regular basis.

How to install Minikube on a local machine? Well, the official Kubernetes documentation includes instructions for installing Minikube. When installing minikube, kubectl should be also installed which is the native command-line interface for Kubernetes. Minikube does the exact work that Kubernetes does, It официальный omg takes the vast cloud-scale of  Kubernetes and shrinks it down so that it fits on a laptop. The possibilities with Minikube are many. Also, any professional ranging from DevOps engineers to IT leaders can use minikube for their purposes on a regular basis.

How Minikube Helps

The purpose of Minikube was to introduce a way such that people could get hands-on experience with Kubernetes by managing a cluster locally on a local machine. It can also be used in day-to-day development tasks. Here we see how minikube helps in running and managing the clusters more

Fast-lane to learning and experimentation

Minikube, due to its small size, allows developers, new and experienced, to get their hands dirty with a Kubernetes cluster very quickly, This is extremely useful since most of the time access to another Kubernetes cluster either on-premises or on any public cloud to experiment or test applications may not be available. The main highlight here is that in order to use minikube, no prior Kubernetes experience is required, so it’s a great tool for beginners who want to experiment with minikube.

Evaluating important features

Minikube supports evaluating key features of a Kubernetes cluster with its set of built-in add-ons. These add-ons can be easily enabled or disabled. These features include default storage class, storage provisioning, registry, Ingress etc. Another feature of Minikube is that it has experimental support to target GPUs, particularly Nvidia GPU’s.  This is very useful for developers that have a capable Nvidia GPU on their local machine. This helps in targeting+ specific workloads such as machine learning algorithms, gaming etc.


Like Kubernetes, Minikube is also open source under the Apache 2.0 license, This is very useful for developers and engineers who prefer experimenting with Minikube by the adding of additional features or build value-added capabilities above the existing platform.

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