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EKS Vs. AKS Vs. GKE: Which is the right platform for you?

Kubernetes has been widely used by companies who realize the importance of easy deployment and management of services. Applications are often viewed as independent services in Kubernetes to ease the scale. Virtual machines are rapidly replaced by containers because of the lower overhead of deploying containers compared to virtual machines. The performance of the Kubernetes system is valued by companies as developers prefer this open-source platform in order to manage containerized services and workloads. 


Cloud computing is becoming prominent, to get the fullest benefit IT companies are after Kubernetes consulting services. Kubernetes is a portable and extensible open-source platform that has a rapidly growing ecosystem. Giant cloud providers such as AWS, Azure also offer Kubernetes. Determining the best is a tricky process but can be carried out once you know the peculiar features. 


Kubernetes Features & Three Kubernetes Consulting Services


The winning features of Kubernetes are listed below. Each attribute is available in three K8 tools but the thing is the degree is changeable. 

  • Fully automated updates
  • Resource monitoring
  • Node pools
  • Autoscaling
  • Easiness and availability
  • Pricing 

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Kubernetes was invented by Google LLC as their engineers developed the open-source platform in 2014. After the introduction of the Google Kubernetes Engine, customers could execute 4-way auto-scaling along with multi-cluster support. GKE is considered to be the sophisticated K8s management tool as it allows managing their cluster containers using Google infrastructure. The health checks and identity and access management features are the best.

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Azure is a cloud service rendered by Microsoft. The giant software company has recognized the importance of Kubernetes and came up with Azure Kubernetes Service in 2018. It is a serverless infrastructure that supports CI/CD delivery. Azure Kubernetes Service is a blessing to those who need to deploy solutions compatible with Microsoft products. Moreover, it is more scalable than other Kubernetes cloud offerings as it is available in many countries. The full-fledged managed Kubernetes service by Microsoft has great enterprise-grade security to deliver scalable applications effortlessly. To acquire this, AKS incorporates Azure Active Directory, Visual Studio Code, Kubernetes tools and others.

  • AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Amazon Web Service is the best cloud service vendor that provides seamless cloud services to a wide range of businesses. They have managed to come up with a K8 tool as well to support their voluminous user database. With AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, anyone from anywhere can get access to Kubernetes to develop and deploy applications. When compared to Azure Kubernetes Service, the AWS Kubernetes offering is much more scalable due to the largest cloud service platform. AWS users can utilize their existing resources in AWS to manage container clusters in K8 with the help of their K8 open-source project Karpenter.



Containers have been the de facto standard to deploy and package applications in the cloud. Many cloud providers Google, Amazon web services, and Microsoft provide support within their cloud offers. Choosing the best Kubernetes offering depends on the unique requirements of the business and end goals.

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