What you need to know about the robust profitable quarter of AWS

Sales increased in Q4 for AWS cloud vendor in 2021 – An Overview

Amazon Web services is one of the renowned cloud computing service providers in the world used by many companies despite their nature of business and size. The rapid expansion of computing and storage demand is easily attainable with AWS consulting services. It is a cost-effective and highly scalable solution. No cloud service solution is complete in all realms after it is an amalgamation of different services. Despite the fewer performance issues and blackouts, AWS is still the top cloud service vendor as they have amassed a great profit of approximately USD 7 billion compared to previous years.

Multiple factors influence

  • Global Medical Emergency 

 AWS has been making a huge profit in the fourth quarter on a regular basis.  According to the reports provided by AWS, the last quarter of 2021 is said to be the most robust quarter of the cloud vendor since its inception. Besides, the quarter is also AWS’s fourth consecutive profitable quarter. Multiple factors contribute to the huge profit of AWS such as marketing strategy and huge spike in sales. Experts noted down that the global emergency has a key role in the robust revenue of AWS. Early 2020, AWS has decreased consumer spending but after the global emergency spending skyrocketed and this led to higher revenue. Many companies were experiencing hustle in setting up their office culture to a hybrid or fully remote style in the past months. So, they recognized the winning advantages cloud has to offer to their business. With the help of AWS consulting partners, meeting the internal timeline is not rocket science. Jumping back into office remains unknown and companies realize the virtual and remote work will continue to evolve rather than fade away. 

  • Collaboration with giant companies

Another important factor that leads to higher profit is a collaboration with Nasdaq, a renowned stock exchange market. The multi-year partnership has been using AWS for meeting their IT infrastructure requisites. It works efficiently by using AWS computing resources. Meta, the parent company of Facebook also relies on AWS to meet their day to day operations on the cloud. The strategic partner AWS helps Meta scale without any blackouts. So, AWS has a bunch of giant customers who contribute to its profit line. Apart from Meta and Nasdaq, the following giants use the power of AWS. 

  • LinkedIn
  • ESPN
  • Twitter
  • Adobe
  • BBC
  • Netflix
  • Uninterrupted cloud services and robust infrastructure

Amazon Web Services have always put their customers in their shoes and are keen on accentuating their cloud offerings for clientele. Businesses despite their niche can benefit from AWS cloud solutions. And the surprising feature is that anyone can bespoke as they want any service from AWS. AWS has been innovating how to deliver seamless service to its end-users. As part of the process, they have extended the server’s lifespan as well as networking equipment life. Moreover, it is trying to redefine its software to meet the growing needs of a wide range of industries. 


AWS is indeed the best sought after cloud vendor for its operational, technical and economical features. Any kind of industry can rely on it for smooth functioning. It will continue to mature and evolve to meet various requisites of businesses, so does its revenue. 

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