Quality As A Team Effort With DevOps Part 1

IT industry is one of those sectors which spearheads new innovation which changes the landscape of every other industry. This partly due to the competitive nature of the industry and the needs and demands of the end user. To reach these goals, software development organizations have adopted waterfall strategies, this workflow has served its purpose […]

DevOps constructed Part 3 – Continuous Delivery – Demands And Expectations

Continuous delivery is the operational extension of continuous integration. This technique focuses on automating the software delivery process so that operations team can easily and assuredly deploy their updated code to production at any time. By making sure that the codebase is always in a real-time deployable standby status, releasing and adding software updates becomes […]

IoT made easy with DevOps – Part 1

In the Middle of Difficulties, As more and more devices are connected to the internet, the data generated from these devices need to be collected and analyzed. While the statement is easy to make, there is the paramount complexity and challenges associated with it. Given how data is being constantly generated, the application itself is […]

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