Continuous Deployment With DevOps

Easier said than done While adopting DevOps, Continuous Delivery is the ability to match the expectation of the all the parties involved. Continuous Deployment is an ability to get to Production phase with least amount of blocks on a regular basis. Although this is an optional capability varying upon a case by case basis. Teams […]

Why Migrate to DevOps?

Organizations around the world are waking up to DevOps, the current competition where the demands of the end user only seem to go up. Stakeholders of products and services are constantly in outlook out to edge their competition, software development organizations have adopted DevOps get around of problem always having up to date and reliable […]

Advantages Of Outsourcing DevOps

Implementing all out DevOps approach to software development cycle into an organization can be a daunting task. It is quite apparent to be wary of implementing such a complex work culture into the already existing workflow. DevOps has added many advantages when it comes to the traditional way of doing things, while companies may not […]

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