Testing in the DevOps Process

While everyone will agree that DevOps is good, it’s better than what we have done before, it’s the best workflow we have for now, and we also love everything associated with it. Whether be it developers who don’t need to write and rewrite codes again and again or operation team who impress the clients with […]

6 Things to remember when implementing DevOps

Organizations have started to adopt DevOps, given how the IT sector is level playing field where ideas and executions take precedence over advertising. Even small organizations have an increasingly positive outlook to DevOps. DevOps can be a game changer for any organization, implementing them into an organization is also a complex process. Improperly implementing DevOps […]

Kubernetes for Docker containers

  Introduction to Kubernetes Hello Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers, spearheaded by Google in development kubernetes is a production-ready orchestration solution. It allows DevOps engineers to manage and control containerized applications in almost any environment. When compared with the competition out there, Kubernetes overhauls many DevOps associated tasks such as […]

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