Penetration testing accelerates Docker container security

Penetration testing accelerates Docker container security

Container-based applications are becoming popular and the noteworthy point is to accelerate container security. Docker consulting services are witnessing a hike in hackers and their activity usually is to launch malicious containers for threatening security. Thanks to pen testing or penetration testing. It safeguards your containerized applications from vulnerabilities.  

Organizations tend to use containerized solutions for speeding up their development process and release. On account of security measures, most of the time it is not possible. They too experience delays in the release of containerized solutions. 

Containerized application’s security

This fact shows that most companies encounter container-related security issues last year. With help from Docker consulting services proves to be outstanding. Data exposure on account of misconfiguration of containers, IT failures in security compliance, critical container issues, Kubernetes environments, runtime issues are the major security issues encountered while running applications. 

Penetration testing is the best way to protect the security of container-based applications. You can view your application from the point of view of the attackers and rectify the weak points at each stage of the application: Development, deployment, and execution. 

Container testing are of two types 
  • Static vulnerability analysis

By scanning container images you can detect any vulnerabilities of the system.

  • Dynamic vulnerability analysis

It helps you find out malicious container behavior during runtime. It is a pretty useful approach used by docker consulting services to understand the weaknesses and threats.

Security specialist prefers a dynamic approach along with static container analysis to discover malicious container behaviors. Container vulnerabilities and misconfiguration are the major security threats found out using pen-testing. It is easy to scrutinize all vulnerabilities with help from docker consulting services. It is usual to come across the most reliable docker images with vulnerabilities. Most of the docker container images contain unpatched flaws. 

Prevasio, a security firm conducted an analysis of penetration testing by attacking  4 million container images running inside a virtual environment. It helped researchers detect malicious images with dynamic payloads. The types of payloads are Windows malware, hacking tools, backdoor trojans.

Helpful points for penetration analysis

Efficient docker consulting services in India use these tips before pen-testing. 

  • Detailed planning for a security audit.

Container security testing is a very important factor as it offers consistent guidance for the security of Docker containers. 

  • Scrutinize container images for vulnerabilities

You can check the security of each container image and thus ensure 

there are no unpatched vulnerabilities. 

  • Make use of dependency analysis

It is used to check dependency vulnerabilities by doing constant rebuilding and retesting. 

  • Use automated cod review for applications in containers

It depends upon programing language, components and architecture. Yet, you can select various tools at all stages of testing.

  • Use manual code reviews

It helps to exclude false positive from automated tests. 

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