Kubernetes vs. Docker A Myth Busted

Kubernetes vs. Docker: A Myth Busted

Nowadays, everyone is hearing and asking themselves what they should choose between Kubernetes vs Docker. Has this question ever occurred to you? It is a misconception that is deeply rooted owing to a lack of adequate knowledge or misleading information. In reality, Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are entirely different technologies that are used by many IT companies to leverage their products.

The common factor between these two is containers. They are used together in order to manage and automate containers by Kubernetes consulting services. It is true that they complement each other but in entirely different concepts. IT companies use them to develop, deliver and scale different applications. Another attention sapping factor is that both are not direct competitors and hence no need to choose between two.


Kubernetes is a containerization technology that is perfectly used by companies to manage their containers in an efficient way. Using the power of Kubernetes, you manage, automate and scale containerized applications. It fundamentally uses an API in order to control all containers. It is the orchestrator that determines where and how to manage containers. Apart from automating and managing containers, Kubernetes also manages multiple containers. The container architecture deployment can be selected by companies and accordingly Kubernetes will take care of your containers.


On the other hand, Docker is an open-source containerization technology for building, shipping and running applications. It is not a container orchestrator but instead an independent container technology. There are many container technologies available but companies are after Docker because it could simplify tasks that would previously require a lot of effort. Due to this simplification, the time and cost of deploying an application have been reduced tremendously.

Docker ensures your applications work in any environment using its Docker containers. It lets you split up your applications and help you attain speedy product delivery. For instance, Software development. Moreover, Docker also lets you manage your infrastructure the way you manage your applications. With Docker, you will be able to deliver products faster and reduce efforts on writing code.

How they complement each other

In an agile business environment, both Kubernetes and Docker are beneficial and powerful to leverage container management. They act differently to ease the operations of the business. Both are complete solutions in their own way helping businesses to embrace containers. The microservice architecture of your company becomes complete when you blend these two technologies together. Both work together to ease the management and automation of containers. What is misleading is the phrase Kubernetes vs Docker. They are not aliens but support each other to leverage best from containerization technology.

As we have seen, Docker is a containerization technology. When we talk further about Docker, one of the supreme features that come to my mind is container images. Using these container images, the building and running of containers can be easily executed. Every application is managed as independent microservices as the architecture is very simple to decipher. Kubernetes on the other hand uses Docker as a container platform to run. Kubernetes can run any container like Docker. It can manage, build and deploy containers built with Docker.

In a nutshell

Docker is an independent, open-source containerization technology whereas Kubernetes is a powerful orchestration technology to leverage and manage containers. Both are different technologies but complement each other when it comes to container management.

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