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The connection between security and DevOps

DevSecOps is much more than just DevOps plus security. It is indeed a culture that you ought to build for making security a fundamental aspect for DevOps activities to function without any obstacles.  

DevOps and security don’t get along well

Security for DevOps or DevSecOps is a concept that doesn’t get along well with the conventional DevOps processes that consist of continual integrations and deployment. You are releasing comparatively smaller bits of application along with code via the DevOps pipeline. Now the idea of your DevOps process getting introduced to security can slow down the activities in a very considerable way. You simply cannot go through a security process that takes so many weeks to bring the latest release out for production. That itself is against the basic idea of flawless continual integration and delivery that extends the DevOps pipeline. Previously a devops services company had 3 to 6 months of release cycles before the takeoff of DevOps. Only at the final stage of the release cycle, the security team would show up for reviewing the application, running the scanners, and finally approving and certifying the release. 

DevSecOps, the necessary evil

Now as DevOps has already taken off and new releases are being done rapidly by the DevOps teams on a weekly and at times hourly basis, it is impractical for the security team to conduct reviews. Therefore the entire working module has to change, especially the way how the security teams are getting engaged with the development team.

Shifting the security 

We often say about testing or shifting ‘left’ in DevOps. This shifting is done in the pipeline and at each commit instead of doing it per release. The same philosophy can be used if security in DevOps is required. The best part is that the security checks can be done per commit for building a security pipeline instead of doing the checks per release. 

Generally, the security team would make a review for certifying every release. Their primary concern is about the pipeline rather than looking at every change or release. The developers for the devops services company can create security checks and analysers’ left’ into the pipeline. The security team believes in the pipeline. They trust the pipeline since they are confident to conduct a review or go for an audit anytime as all the measures are correct. 

DevOps team can also write tests for learning more things about the shortcomings and other limitations. It will be ideal if the security team of the devops services company makes a sudden audit for detecting the tests that may confront security misconfigurations and similar faults. 

DevSecOps presents more business opportunities

The devops services company team ensures that DevOps codes are continually generated, integrated and the testing is also done along with it before the codes get arrayed to the main repository and moved to production. Ultimately, Secured DevOps should be a place so that you can enjoy accelerated SDLCs, curb operational costs, bring in more automation, and significantly improve application security.

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