The DevTestOps Landscape – A New Facet of Agile

After all What is this DevTestOps?

After celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, DevOps has emerged to be a movement in the tech community. It requires testing and DevOps teams to work closely and has transformed the way software is developed, tested and deployed.

The catch here is that you need to adopt continuous testing to leverage the full potential of DevOps. Adding continuous testing to this powerful mix results in an accelerated process providing bigger and better benefits. It ultimately gives you what is known as DevTestOps.

DevTestOps – A New Facet of Agile

There is no denying that continuous testing helps bridge the gap between development and testing. It breaks silos and transforms conventional software development process. Gone are the days, when the project was passed to the testers only after the coding was completed. Ultimately, testing becomes just a box-ticking exercise.

But with “shifting left,” organizations understand the importance of incorporating testing earlier in the software development cycle. Right from the outset of a requirement, testers become an active member of the development process.

This helps achieve continuous feedback by informing the developers continuously about the quality of their code. It enables detecting and fixing problems earlier and thus reducing risks.

How does DevTestOps Work?

DevTestOps essentially blurs the boundaries between developers, testers and operations team. It is a wonderful combination of:
Automated testing
Exploratory testing
Manual testing
Test development.

Implementing DevTestOps requires a robust test automation system and the inclusion of testers in the development team right from the beginning of a new project.

Worried about the investment? Remember DevTestOps reaps rich dividends

Let us take a look at the numerous benefits offered by this model:

Efficient development process resulting in bug-free quality software products
During any point of the sprint, if a bug is raised it must be addressed and closed within the minimum possible time.
All your integrations are automated and available for testing
You can be Agile in the true sense by adopting changes as per the changing market needs and technological advances
The iterative approach enables faster time-to-market
All thanks to fewer changes post-deployment and faster releases organizations witness significant reduction in costs

With the realization that DevOps minus continuous testing will only result in software products loaded with bugs has led to widespread adoption of DevTestOps. Further, it also promotes collaboration in all the teams right from the business analysts to QA.


Go “continuous” is the jargon of agile companies. Leveraging a DevTestOps model can help you achieve this by enabling seamless and reliable software development.

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