what is kubernetes as a service and why your company needs it

What is Kubernetes as a service and why your company needs it?

Kubernetes is known for its powerful orchestrating capabilities and is one of the best in the world. Kubernetes as a service is used by many companies with the help of  Kubernetes consulting services.

Kubernetes as a service has been rendered on-premises or public clouds. It is basically a place for managing and deploying Kubernetes clusters. 

Key features of Kubernetes as a service
  • Kubernetes upgrades
  • Self-service deployment
  • Scalability
  • Multi Cloud portability
Why do you need the Kubernetes as a service?

Kubernetes consulting services provide everything you need to take care of regarding Kubernetes operations. It is arduous to run Kubernetes independently no matter if it is a cloud or on-premise. You can enjoy the benefits of a powerful orchestrator Kubernetes by hiring Kubernetes consulting services. They will have the skillset expertise to handle the operations. They can easily manage clusters by selecting a convenient interface and maintenance tasks.

It is true that Kubernetes is open source and using it will be of no charge. Still, you must have the time and resources to handle it properly. You need to take care of these realms:

  • Installation and upgrades
  • Deployment of application
  • Managing scalability
  • Cluster configuration
  • Awareness about technical matters to your IT staff

The providers of Kubernetes consulting services make use of an updated version of Kubernetes and migration will be much easier without affecting the existing workload.

Key capabilities of KaaS

Hiring the best Kubernetes consulting services avoids complexities in managing Kubernetes for your company. Kubernetes as a service lets you manage several tasks such as setting up Kubernetes, managing CI/CD pipelines, releasing updates, monitoring and managing the operation and so on.

  • Management and deployment of Kubernetes: It ensures quick deployment and management of clusters. 
  • Relentless monitoring: Bespoke and effective dashboard management provides updates about clusters and you can track metrics and get insights. 
  • Control plane management: etcd and API server are examples for plane components. They ensure scalability and resilience. 
  • Security: Security is assured with the best built-in practices. 

The following are the major Kubernetes as a service platforms.

  • Azure Kubernetes Service: It is a full-fledged service for direct deployment service.
  • Redhat Openshift – It is a highly bespoke managed service for Kubernetes deployment. 
  • VMware Tanzu – VMware Tanzu ensures Kubernetes integration
  • Docker EE – Docker EE is offered by Docker. 
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