Why Choose Azure Part 1 3

Why choose Azure Part 2

In this blog, we continue to take a look at why Azure has gained footing across organizations of every size. Right from Fortune 500 companies to startups, we also some of the reasons for it too. Here are some more reasons why Azure is the name to beat in cloud computing today.

Enterprise-ready Hybrid solutions

While the competition is getting their heads around hybrid cloud computing, Azure is already with hybrid cloud computing services. With this capability, organizations can move their projects from the cloud to their premises whenever they choose. This gives them the ability to test products and services on real-world scenarios. Hybrid cloud computing is no longer considered a handicap, actually this the reason why Azure has become popular. Azure’s hybrid offering comes with content delivery networks (CDNs), virtual private networks (VPNs), ExpressRoute connections and caches, all this translates to improved performance and usability.

Collective environment

Azure can combine different environments, whether be it testing, developing, deploying of apps and services. With the added advantage of Azure migration, all this movement of apps and services between environments become easy. To aid developers, Azure has vast a library of APIs and templates covering web, mobile and media. The PaaS of Azure connects all applications, data, devices and people. The hybrid capability means that these can be shuffled between on-premises and the cloud.

Easy to Learn

Usually known for being complex and complicated, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for many first time Azure users. Azure is made on tried and tested technologies like Windows and Linux. Since Azure supports third-party tools Eclipse, Visual Studios, Github, Hadoop, and Xcode, experienced developers may not even the know the difference between their previous cloud computing option, other than added tools and resources. So the learning curve is not as difficult as once thought.

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