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Why Do You Need Istio? Part 2

In the previous blog, we saw how Istio has helped developers to streamline the security protocols associated with DevOps microservices. This has removed many bottlenecks related to deployment and integration process. Microservices has developers to automate many DevOps operations, but each of those Microservices come with security protocols which may clash with other Microservices. Too many developers correcting this clashes become a part of the process itself, which shouldn’t be, to begin with.

Cross ends authentication

With Istio, developers can use it to manage and configure security from both services to service and end user to service security protocols. All of this can be done without the need for a human oversight. Istio can also factor in code changes over a period of times as well, this eases the deployment process as well. Istio comes with a key management system as well. This system automates the key generation and certificate generation, distribution, rotation, revocation and most importantly management.

Mix with Istio

Istio comes with its own mixer, this mixer allows developers to gain a fine tune to all interactions between the mesh and infrastructure backends. This mixer is an independent module of Istio, this allows larger caches, bigger output buffers and better memory management as well. This allows the mixer to be available with a high latency, and this translates a higher availability for individual mixers as well.

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