A basic introduction to DevOps Tools

A basic introduction to DevOps Tools

DevOps consulting company has seen exponential growth of IT firms using DevOps culture. DevOps has now become an integral part of several companies regarding its efficiency and automation capabilities. 

A DevOps consulting company usually analyses your business goals and works accordingly to achieve greater efficiency. DevOps is more than an agile fashion for software development. Instead, it is constantly evolving. You can use it as per your business requirements.

DevOps at a glance

Before delving into DevOps tools, understanding a full picture of DevOps helps a lot. DevOps is a practice of operations and development teams working together for a common goal: software delivery. It is not a new mindset in the realm of software development and has been maturing since its introduction. DevOps consulting company is adept at employing DevOps practices for the positive contribution of your organization. Business expectations are set by consumers and it is especially important in mobile applications and software development. To achieve a fast pace, DevOps is a must-have. 

DevOps tools
  • Log monitoring tools

Logs are analysed to monitor system performance. It is primarily used by developers in the debugging process. These are some of the log monitoring tools. 

  • Splunk: Splunk analyses large amounts of data and produces software via the web interface. It has a searchable repository.
  • Sumo Logic: Sumo logic analyses machine-generated data and creates actionable IT insights.
  • Logstash: Logstash has a daily data limit in storing data and is open to public use.
  • Build and test

Build and test tools are available as open-source such as Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Gradle,  and CruiseControl. They are used for tasks such as automation and compilation of source code into binary code.

  • Jenkins: Jenkins is an open-source tool used for monitoring continuous integration.
  • Gradle: Gradle is a project automation tool used by a DevOps consulting company. Groovy language is used for writing Gradle scripts.
  • Deployment and configuration tools

Deployment and configuration tools help system administrators in a number of ways. They are mandatory for the system configuration and deployment process. Thus, timely software updates and frequent configuration changes will be easy.

  • Puppet: Puppet helps in defining the state of your IT infrastructure without human intervention.
  • Chef: Chef is a configuration management tool from Opscode.
  • Rancid: Rancid inspects hardware and software including device configuration. 
  • CFE Engine: CFE Engine is used for autonomic management and it is basically a suite of programs. 

A successful DevOps consulting company uses the right tools from the development stage to the production stage.  With the help of these tools, the DevOps lifecycle completes and becomes effective.

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