Reasons to hire a DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers have changed how companies approach the software development cycle, understandably the existing process have been delivering solutions which is good enough for yesterday, but not for today. Today’s expectation of the clients and the end user has dramatically changed since the accessibility that the smartphone has provided when it comes access to information […]

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment: Delivering Continuous Excellence

Continuous Integration Continuous integration is a groundbreaking practice within the software development cycle where and which encourages the software developers to integrate and share their codes into the main branch of a shared repository as often as often. Instead of coding and testing out new features in an isolated environment and integrating them at the […]

WannaCry Ransomware Attack

WannaCry Ransomware attack Ransomware is a new type of encryption-based malicious software attack that will locks up the system files in your computer and will encrypts in such a way that users cannot access files. The malware encrypts files using AES and RSA encryption ciphers which means hackers can decrypt files using unique decryption key. […]

Mysql Remote Root Code Execution

Remote Root Code Execution / Databse Privilege Escalation: Severity: Critical CVE-2016-6662 CVE-2016-6663 Privilege Escalation vulnerability is reported. Using this vulnerability, an attacker could execute code with root privileges. Using the REPAIR TABLE SQL statement, which have the lowest privileged users with SELECT/CREATE/INSERT grants, can create a simlink to the database directory( that is /var/lib/mysql). After […]

Dirty COW – Vulnerability Fix

Dirty COW [ CVE-2016-5195 ] COW -> Copy – On – Write Dirty COW is actually an old vulnerability , which has driven back after 10 long years. The issue was first identified by Linus Torvalds and found some difficulties to patch the issue. The vulnerability is also called privilege-escalation vulnerability. In which the normal […]

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