Cloud Giants Part-I

Cloud computing has grown to the point where we cannot imagine a world without the application of cloud. Initially, the conception of cloud was the storage of data, but today, the cloud platform is used for a variety of purposes, more than we can imagine With the many advantages of cloud computing, various cloud service vendors have emerged in this field so as to stay ahead in competition and also, to claim supremacy in the cloud domain. Let us see the see the major players in the current cloud platform scenarios

Amazon AWS

Launched in 2006, AWS is the world’s most popular cloud computing platform used by many reputed organisations all over the world and popular services like Netflix. The two most concepts of AWS are Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Services (S3). It is not just a single technology, rather it is made up of different cloud computing products and services.

Microsoft Azure

To challenge the AWS cloud platform and to enter the cloud industry, Microsoft launched its own cloud computing platform called Microsoft Azure in 2011. According to market shares, the second most used cloud platform after AWS is Azure. One interesting feature of Azure is that it provides native integration for Windows development tools such as VBS, SQL database as it is developed by Microsoft.

The Comparison

Both these cloud platforms have been relentless and have taken the top honours for quite a while now. But which cloud vendor is the best to choose? Well, let’s compare them and find the appropriate answer. Here we will compare them on the basis of common characteristics and see how both perform. Let’s dig in.


Pricing: When we look into the pricing scheme of both AWS and Azure offers a different way even though we only need to pay for what we use. AWS typically charges on an hourly basis, whereas Azure charges on a per minute basis. So, when it comes to short-term subscription plans, Azure offers a lot more flexibility. But Azure tends to be costlier than AWS when the architecture starts scaling up.

Computing Services: One of the core services of cloud computing is it’s computation services. The current cloud platform is much faster in terms of processing, executing, recover etc. With a large amount of data being generated these days These compute services ensure you are able to create instances within minutes and scale up instances instantly if required. AWS has services like EC2, AWS Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk and ECS whereas Azure has services namely Azure Virtual Machine, Azure Functions, App Service and Container Services etc.

So, we can see, in terms of computing services, both cloud platforms are fairly neck and neck. However, when cost is compared, Azure instances tend to get costlier with increasing sizes.  For eg. Consider an instance that has 256GB RAM and 64vPCU. AWS will charge around 3.20 dollars per hour, whereas Azure will charge around 6.76 dollars per hour. Now that’s the difference.


Wait! Only these two reasons? You must be wondering, right? Well, there are more features to be unveiled. It will be explored in Part-II. Stay tuned.

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