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COVID 19 causes the DevOps adoption to double next five years

Though the global pandemic took a toll on enterprises, there are positive notes coming from the Information technology community all over the world. Companies could maintain communication as a result of productivity increased using reliable IT management.

What the facts tell about DevOps effectiveness

The DevOps service provider was the hero in this great achievement. The IT department was able to provide continuous delivery of services. Therefore, reliance on DevOps gained importance more than ever.

RedGate software company in a survey elucidate that 74% of enterprises among 3200  used DevOps fully or partially; their IT requisites became faster, reliable, and efficient during the pandemic.

The lion’s share of the companies, that is 74% started using the expertise of a DevOps service provider for their development. The interconnection between timely software delivery and DevOps practices has a great impact on performance as well as the number of new releases. Moreover, IT infrastructure witnessed swiftness and fewer mistakes.

IT sector really benefited from the great corporate dispersal that occurred in the last year. They were productive despite working from home. The growth expectations of 44% organization fulfilled during this time. On the other hand, 13% of companies experienced neutral. When you search in terms of performance and productivity only 9% of companies encountered a decline. Almost 80% of remote working will be a continued norm for companies and this is not a hindrance to productivity. According to the survey, 63% of employees experienced high productivity.

Why some companies fail in the DevOps approach

One of the top attributes for a DevOps service provider is veteran professionals that comprise DevOps engineers. Many organizations will have their own IT department but they fail to bring effectiveness in DevOps practices. Simply they do not have the skillset. This can pave the way to disruptions, delay in software delivery, and affect the operation & development adversely.

The DevOps service provider takes keen notice of metrics such as time taken for restoring service, downtime, deployment frequency, timely software delivery, and operational performance. Without their expertise, your company suffers its consequences. Other major challenges are insufficient automation release process(41%) and flaws in the legacy application code(39%). From the survey, it is quite evident that almost all catastrophes are either technical or resource-related. Cultural resistance affects only 15% and lack of monetary resources was not a problem for companies.

What holds for future

The survey and DevOps service provider agree on a global trend in DevOps strategy. It is database DevOps adoption. To provide fast software delivery, database DevOps practices must be adapted. The companies that make use of more than two databases constitute 26%.

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