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The emergence of cloud computing

Cloud computing, oh yeah. The most heard term literally everywhere. Come on, we use it every day in our life without realising we are a part of the cloud technologies. Just take an example. We use the services of Google namely Youtube, Google Drive, Google Docs and much, much more. What services do they offer? Have you ever wondered? Well, they are in fact cloud services provided by Google.

Cloud is not just a service, it is a platform through which organisations run and manage their business. Global research and advisory firm Gartner predicted in 2018 that cloud computing would grow to become a $186.4 billion market. In fact, the demand for cloud computing is increasing because of the several advantages it offers such as faster access, secure storage, online monitoring and much more.

Different meanings, Same concept

One interesting feature knowing is that the term cloud computing has become relatively common among civilians, different people have different meanings for cloud computing even though the concept is one and same. For example, when a company says that it wants to adopt the cloud, it could mean that either the company wants to adopt the economic advantages cloud service offers or migrating from a certain business model, or it could be a combination of both.

The classification

One of the most simple and accurate definitions of cloud computing is that it is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Clouds are generally classified into three types based on their functions which are:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

A common concern for organisations when adopting cloud is the security of their data when they are stored on the cloud. Public clouds are generally clouds whose services are provided and hosted by that particular cloud service provider. The leading cloud service provides namely AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are all public cloud. Therefore, the majority of the data, except confidential are stored on public cloud

Private clouds are cloud services that are created and managed by the organisation or a trusted 3rd party host. These clouds are used by organisations for managing private data. The Hybrid cloud is a cloud that provides the services of both public and private cloud. It allows organisations to safeguard their critical data while accruing the benefits of the cloud at the same time. One interesting feature of cloud computing is that the user has the omg магазин ability to scale to meet the unique requirements of your organisation. Knowing about cloud computing thoroughly and it’s advantages generally helps in determining the type of cloud services needed for an organisation.

About Us

Urolime is one of the leading DevOps consulting company with a handful of experience in supporting customers around the globe in adopting DevOps practices. As an AWS and Cloud consulting partner, Urolime not only has experience in Cloud Migrations but also support the vast customer base to enable scalable and highly available architecture on AWS, Azure, and GCP. The customers benefit from our expert involvement in Deployment Automation (CI/CD), Infrastructure Automation, Dockerization, Security, Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation and 24/7 Managed Services with 10 Minutes SLA. Urolime is one of the companies which deals with a bunch of Kubernetes solution build for the customer on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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