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Machine learning and cloud

The cloud technology is continuously updating with newer technologies, better security measures, storage options and much more. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that have led to further enhancements in the cloud computing industries. One such enhancement is the Machine learning, which allows a system to “learn” from a given set of data models using algorithms.

Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Cortana. These three have something in common. Ring any bells ? All of them are part of the machine learning process. Imagine the scenario of smart clouds, able to make decisions, predictions accurately base on the facts that are given, effectively eradicating human errors, oh yeah, the possibilities are so much.

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning is the ability of the system to study algorithms and mathematical models to analyse patterns which in turn to make accurate decisions. It is a section of Artificial Intelligence which uses machine learning models to predict and analyse from data, thus eliminating the need human interference for constant updating. The concept of Machine learning was defined in the late 1950s.

The integration of Machine learning with cloud computing makes it affordable today. provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. The current usage of the cloud involves computing, storage, networking, monitoring and more. But with machine learning infused in the cloud, the capabilities of the cloud will increase to a great extent.

How Machine learning benefits the cloud platform

The large amounts of data stored in the cloud provides a source of information for the machine learning process. Millions of people use the cloud platform for computing, storage, networking and much more. Millions of processes that happen every day, they all provide a source of information for the machine to learn from. The applications will be able to perform functions and make decisions based on this information source. The IBM Watson is one notable case омг сайт in the machine learning industry.

There are many good benefits for machine learning in the cloud. The cloud’s pay-per-use model is good for machine learning workloads. The cloud also makes it easy for organisations to experiment with machine learning capabilities and scale up as projects go into production.

With Machine learning, the possibilities are never decreased. Through machine learning, it makes the systems smarter and better or we can say “more human”.

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