Why are companies using GitOps for CICD in 2022

Why are companies using GitOps for CI/CD in 2022?

DevOps is widely accepted and used in software development like any other methodology in order to achieve better coordination and collaboration. Bridging the gap between development and operations is the goal of DevOps. Many cloud computing technologies and DevOps work together to innovate more products like software development. Git is used by developers and DevOps engineers for software development. Not only does DevOps use GitOps but other technologies like container-based platforms and micro-services. Many companies are embracing GitOps and you might wonder why they are very enthusiastic about Git, Distributed Version Control System. 

What is Git?

Git is a Distributed Version Control System that is extensively used by DevOps engineers to manage code and other assets in a better manner, both locally or remotely. They use git repository to provide infrastructure as a service. Git is an operational framework that helps you to tackle issues associated with centralised version control systems, as developers can change their repositories locally tracking history and changing. It is possible to store all the project repositories and this is the greatest advantage of GitOps over Centralised Version Control Systems. 

Linux developers invented GitOps back in 2005 as they need an alternative to Bitkeeper. The concepts of snapshots and GUI based interfaces make it a most used platform in software development.

GitOps uses the following tools:

  • AgroCD
  • Atlantis
  • AutoApply
  • CloudBees future 

Git States

There are a number of states that Git files can be in and are as follows:

  • Modified – These are changed but not committed to the database.
  • Staged – These are changed files in the current version
  • Committed – These are changes are those that are now saved to the local database

Why GitOps is the preferred choice?

Myriad of advantages of GitOps make it an ideal choice.  Businesses of any size can adopt and benefit from GitOps. For example, DevOps consulting company.  To deliver infrastructure as a service, you need to use GitOps. The applications in the cloud will be more secure and swift.

  • Content addressable file system

Developers can write and update code in programming language as well as documentation such as markdown diagrams while collaborating with clients. It is a must-have for a mature DevOps culture. Changes are logged and can be tracked and regressed. Verification and integrity testing are the best practices.

  • Snapshot Stream

The snapshot stream it uses is the best compared to other delt based changes. It saves a picture at commit and stores a reference to this picture or snapshot. It will never store an unchanged file but keep a link to the identical file stored is used. 

  • Data Integrity 

Before storing all changes in information is check summed and can be referenced by this check system. So, all changes are known by Git and this is the best feature of the application. Without knowing Git, the data cannot be altered or be lost in transit. Besides, it automatically adds data into a database. Within a flick of time, all changes can be restored to the previous version. 

In a nutshell

Managing deployment is easy with GitOps. It is scalable, flexible and auditable as all changes are stored and can be retrieved in different states. DevOps will be GitOps framework more to smooth functioning. Using GitOps, the ecosystem of DevOps will grow and mature. As a result, companies will be at ease managing cloud infrastructure. 


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