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The Top 5 MSP Selection No-Nos: Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Managed IT Services Provider

If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering a Managed IT Services Provider for your company and know fairly enough that not finding the right team for the job can hit you not only on the cost front but it could make the process incredibly draining for you. Let’s make it easier by providing you with a checklist of mistakes you should totally avoid when choosing a Managed IT Services Provider.

But before we begin …

What should you know about a Managed IT Services Provider?

A managed IT services provider (MSP) is a company that offers professional IT services to businesses on a contract basis. These services can include monitoring and maintaining the company’s IT systems, providing technical support and assistance, and managing the company’s IT infrastructure.

MSPs typically offer their services on a subscription basis, with the goal of helping businesses manage their IT needs more efficiently and cost-effectively. This can include managing the company’s servers, backups, security, and software updates. They can be a valuable resource for businesses that lack the resources or expertise to manage their own IT systems. MSPs can help you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, reduce downtime and IT problems, and improve the overall efficiency of your IT operations.

What do you risk by choosing the wrong MSP for your company?

Downtime. Data loss. Tons of unnecessary stress. Hiring the wrong MSP for your company can have serious consequences, including all of that and more:

  1. Poor service: If the MSP does not have the necessary skills or resources to provide the level of service your business needs, it can lead to problems with your IT systems and a poor user experience.
  2. Increased downtime: If the MSP cannot resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently, it can lead to increased downtime and lost productivity for your business.
  3. Security breaches: If the MSP does not have strong security practices in place, it could potentially lead to security breaches that could compromise sensitive company data.
  4. Higher costs: If the MSP is not able to deliver on its promises or meet the needs of your business, it could lead to higher costs in the long run due to the need to constantly repair and replace faulty IT systems.

So, it’s important to thoroughly research and carefully select an MSP that can meet your business’s specific needs.

The Checklist of 5 Major (Avoidable) Mistakes when choosing a Managed IT Services Provider 

  • Price: A deal that looks too good for your pocket is likely a bad one!

Choosing an MSP based solely on price is usually not a well-serving idea. It’s important to consider the level of service and expertise an MSP offers rather than just looking at the price. Don’t just choose the MSP with the lowest bid. There are various other factors to consider before making the buying decision.

  • Research: No face-to-face meetings, written proposals, or IT assessments? Smells like a bad deal!

No matter how much a company tries to convince you to make the deal via a single phone call, don’t. Visit the MSP’s office to get a feel of the work environment. Meet their team. Ask for a written proposal and be clear about your expectations and the problems you want them to solve. Assess if the MSP is going above and beyond to conduct an IT assessment of your network.

  • Understanding: If the MSP doesn’t understand you to a T, skip!

Make sure the MSP thoroughly understands you and your network infrastructure. For this, they must conduct a network assessment before signing a service agreement contract. Without this assessment, the MSP won’t have a full understanding of the issues or vulnerabilities in your network and if they cannot put in the effort to do that, you know you’re at the wrong place with them.

  • Guarantee: If the MSP doesn’t offer guarantees, they’re likely incompetent!

Look for an MSP that offers guarantees. A provider that has refined their service delivery with consistent internal processes and documentation should be able to offer guarantees.

  • References: The MSP doesn’t have references to cite? Rethink.

Don’t forget to check references. Verify the company’s industry experience and customer service skills by asking for at least two to three references. Because their current clients will be able to tell you the most about their services.

Finding the right IT service provider can be overwhelming, but by taking the time to understand what each MSP offers in terms of services, response times, scalability, customer satisfaction, and guarantees, you can make a more informed decision. With that said, our team at Urolime Technologies has a global client base and can offer you the best MSP services. If you’re looking for a reliable Managed IT Services Provider, feel free to contact us.

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