Increased DevOps Adoption During COVID-19

A recent survey by CollabNet, reveals 43% of organizations have increased their reliance on Agile and DevOps application development methodologies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 15% saying it has increased significantly in the last 90 days

33% of participants agreed they have increased or expanded DevOps adoption in the last 90 days to help manage distributed teamwork, while 55% said their organization is planning to increase the use of Agile and DevOps in the next 1 year.

Based on a pair of surveys conducted prior to and after the pandemic started, the 14th annual “State of Agile” report finds 60% of respondents give entire credit to agile and DevOps methodologies for having helped increase speed to market and it has improved team productivity. Another 41% quoted they are able to manage the distributed teams better with these practices in place.

Since most application development and deployment teams are working from home, the organizations have proven the ability to better manage the distributed application development teams. Many of the organizations have prioritized digital business transformation initiatives that now are core to any business continuity strategy which helps to meet aggressive timelines of application development.

We are seeing a shift toward focusing more on business metrics for measuring success as defined by, for example, the Scaled Application Framework (SAFe). There’s also a lot more focus on value stream management across the enterprises as business and IT teams work closely together. The survey reveals that over half of the organizations are planning DevOps through top providers which deliver value stream management (VSM).

The survey also reveals more focus on risk and compliance, with many raised concerns on identifying and measuring technical risk prior to deployment. Also, the prominence of automated audit compliance and governance across control points increased 10% year over year.

Most surprisingly, the survey finds reducing project cost is cited as an important reason for adopting agile and DevOps practices. The survey also finds the importance of using automated acceptance tools and adopting agile project management tools in the future.

There is an uncertainty if the increased focus on application development will result in bottlenecks when it’s time to deploy those applications. But organizations that have already embraced best DevOps practices from top DevOps providers in India alongside agile development methodologies will naturally be in a better position to deploy applications. For enterprises, an increased focus on digital business transformation is more likely to accelerate the adoption of both agile development methodologies and the best DevOps practices.

It is very obvious that organizations that are not able to build and deploy applications skillfully may soon find they incompetent. Hiring the best DevOps practices through an expert team is critical to the survival of the organization in this challenging situation.


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